What Is This Website About

Our goal with this site is to provide the best information possible about snorkeling, in the form of in-depth guide so you can have the best snorkeling vacations possible. With that in mind, we focus on the following points:

  • Easy to digest guides: we recognise that we are all busy, and don't have the time to read articles full of fluff and unnecessary content. Therefore, we really focus on the essential to give you easy to digest guides that go straight to the point.
  • Offer advice from passionate people: all the members of our team, including our writers and spokespersons, are deeply passionate about snorkeling. This means that all the content on the site is created by people who actually know what they are talking about, and dedicated to help you in the best way possible about snorkeling.
  • Give an unbiased view: many other snorkeling websites are sponsored by a given manufacturer of equipment, or belong to a certain snorkeling spot. We are on the other hand completely independent, and we focus on written completely unbiased reviews of the best snorkeling equipment & snorkeling spots around the world.

How to Use the Site

You can find our best content on our home page and our newest content at the top of our blog page. We also review many of the best snorkeling equipment in our snorkeling equipment guides section.

We regularly post new content & update our guides, so check back often or follow us on social media to be updated whenever we update our site.

To get started, here are some of our best articles that will help you get started to have the best snorkeling vacations possible:

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