Snorkeling Destinations in Puerto Rico

Are you planning on spending some time in Puerto Rico? If so, we highly suggest exploring some of the pristine snorkeling spots in Puerto Rico, which are some of the best snorkeling spots in the world!

For those who are unfamiliar with Puerto Rico, it's considered to be an archipelago, meaning it is composed of a group of islands. This can be easy to miss when quickly looking at a map of Puerto Rico, as the main island is much larger than all the rest.

Puerto Rico has a population of about 3.5 million people and the capital, San Juan, is located on the main island. Given it's location, Puerto Rico enjoys tropical weather all year round, with average lows rarely dipping below 70ºF and the average high usually exceeding 80ºF.

So what about the snorkeling?

You can find lots of good snorkeling spots in Puerto Rico, both on the main island as well as the smaller islands. Below we will summarize some of the best and most popular snorkeling spots in Puerto Rico.

Isla de Mona a.k.a. Mona Island

Now this is a cool spot to snorkel in Puerto Rico! Located about 41 miles off the west coast of Puerto Rico, Mona Island is the third largest island in Puerto Rico next to the main island and Vieques.

There are an abundance of reasons why Mona Island is an unreal spot to snorkel, but perhaps the most prominent reason people make their way there is for the coral reefs. With many different types of coral, you can expect to see an amazing array of colors, shapes, and habitats for local marine life.

It is estimated that about 250-300 different types of fish inhabit the area, plus extra cool creatures like octopi, turtles, moray eels, rays, and many more. There are also seasonal visitors to the area, including humpback whales in the winter and endangered leatherback turtles who nest in the area during the spring and summer.

Given that Isla de Mona is a natural reserve, you will require a permit before snorkeling there, so keep that in mind. Additionally, the voyage to Mona Island can take about a few hours and the seas can become rough. This leads to a higher cancellation rate than most boat trips to other snorkeling destinations, but if you plan ahead and have back-up plans, this shouldn't be a problem.

Although it's a bit of a journey to get to Mona Island, it's definitely do-able and you can either have a brief exploration session as a day-trip, or you can camp overnight on one of three beaches (permit required). The cost of transportation is a little expensive, and provided that trips can be cancelled due to poor conditions and the island is totally uninhabited, it's probably best suited for adults rather than a family day trip. Not that the latter is possible, but it may be a bit of a hassle.

Overall, Isla de Mona is an amazing snorkeling spot in Puerto Rico. The pristine coral, huge variety of colorful and interesting marine life, and the remoteness of the island all make it worth the pricey and lengthy transportation. For more detailed information on Mona Island, including how to get to Mona Island and some cool spots to snorkel, please check out the information below. 

Isle de Mona Snorkeling Tours

Please check out our overview of some of the best and most popular snorkeling tours for Mona Island! 


Adventures Tourmarine - Mona Island Snorkeling Tour

Mona Island trip available for a maximum of 10 people

Includes diving and/or snorkeling, equipment is included.

DRNA camping permits are required in advance

Call or email for price quote

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 787-255-2525



Tours and associated information constantly changing. For accurate information, please refer to the following contact information for Acampa Tours. 

Acampa: 787-706-0695 or [email protected] 

La Parguera

Located in Lajas on the southwest coast of Puerto Rico, this is one of the best Puerto Rico snorkeling spots. The water is warm, calm, and is shallow in many spots as well. In addition to beautiful fish and sea fans, there is an abundance of wonderful coral in shallow water that is perfect for snorkeling. You may also see dolphins, turtles, barracudas, and manatees, but these creatures are less common, so we can't guarantee that you will see them on every outing.

The calmness of the water and lack of rivers systems flowing from the island into the ocean allows for great visibility even on cloudy days. However, the waters of La Parguera are known for something way cooler than excellent visibiliy: bioluminescence.

La Parguera is home to one of Puerto Rico's three bioluminescent bays. In this case, there is a particular type of marine plankton called dinoflagellate that inhabits the area. These dinoflagellates glow at night, causing that water to have a glowing speckled appearance that looks unbelievable. This bay is the only bioluminescent bay that allows swimming and snorkeling, so it truly is a unique experience to be in the water with these glowing creatures.

For more information about snorkeling La Parguera, including boat tours and snorkeling with the glowing dinoflagellate, please check out the information below. 

La Parguera Snorkeling Tours

For more information on snorkeling tours in La Parguera, please refer to our summary of some of the most popular snorkeling tours available for La Parguera: 


Paradise Scuba and Snorkeling Center - Snorkeling Tours

3 different trips to choose from. 

Trip 1: Bio-Bay Parguera with Sunset Snorkel

Runs nightly from 4pm-8:30pm

Cost: $60/person, includes snorkel gear, snacks, and beverages.

Highlights include snorkeling some of the most shallow reef areas, swimming in the bioluminescent bay, and the snacks and local beer!

Phone: 787-899-7611

Email: [email protected]



Paradise Scuba and Snorkeling Centre - Snorkeling Tours

3 different trips to choose from

Trip #2: La Parguera Snorkeling Local Reef

Time: Morning = 10am-1pm, Afternoon = 1pm-4pm

Cost: $40/person, includes snorkeling equipment, instruction, snacks, and soft drinks

This trip focuses more on snorkeling and the marine life you can find in the calm shallow waters of Puerto Rico. Instructors help with the snorkeling, identifying different fish and other marine life, etc.

Phone: 787-899-7611

Email: [email protected]



Paradise Scuba and Snorkeling Center - Snorkeling Tours

3 different trips to choose from

Trip #3: Parguera Bioluminescent Bay Tour

Time: Nightly from 6:30pm-8:30pm

Cost: $30/person, includes snorkeling equipment, instruction, snacks, and beverages

A great opportunity to swim and snorkel in one of Puerto Rico's three bioluminescent bays

Phone: 787-899-7611

Email: [email protected]


Caja de Muertos a.k.a. Coffin Island

Caja de Murtos, also known as Coffin Island, is an island located just off the south-southeast shore of Puerto Rico. Although uninhabited (which is pretty cool), Caja de Muertos is technically part of the municipality of Ponce.

Ponce is also a location where you can find boats to transport you from the main island to Caja de Muertos. There are a few different companies offering ferry or boat trips to the island, so you do have options. Although most ferries and boats have full facilities and amenities, once you're on the island you don't really have a source of fresh water. This means be prepared and bring your own bottled water on to the island, and also be prepared for a lack of showers.

The snorkeling is great on Coffin Island, which is assisted by the fact that it is a natural reserve, therefore all of the marine life is protected and able to flourish. There's even an underwater trail you can snorkel through that has interpretive signs.

Overall, if you're looking for a remote, yet convenient, spot to snorkel in Puerto Rico, then we highly recommend you consider Caja de Muertos. If you would like more detailed information about Caja de Muertos, including more information on the companies that can get you there, please check the information below. 

Caja de Muertos Snorkeling Tours

For information about Coffin Island snorkeling tours, please check out our summary below. 


Aqua Adventure Snorkeling Tours

Time: ~ 8am-5pm

Cost: 105.93/person, or $144.45/person with transportation included. $3 for parking. Cost includes snorkeling equipment, instruction, lunch, and refreshments.

6-29 people at a time.

Snorkeling at Caja de Muerto Nature Reserve where you will try to see sea turtles, sting rays, interesting coral, and colorful fish. This is followed by hiking in the afternoon. 

Phone: 787-636-8811

Email: [email protected]



Coffin Island - Island Venture Snorkel Tours

Time: 7:40am-4:15pm

Cost: Contact company directly for quote

Trip: All-encompassing trip that includes snorkeling at Coffin Island. Also includes a variety of other activities if desired, including hiking, visiting a museum, kayaking, paddle boards, swimming, beach lounging, etc.

Phone: 787-842-8546

Email: [email protected]



Fajata is considered one of the best snorkeling spots in Puerto Rico, close to, if not on, on the same level as Mona Island, but for different reasons. Fajata is one the east coast of the main island of Puerto Rico, only about a 30-60 minutes drive from San Juan depending where exactly you're coming from. 

The close proximity to San Juan can really serve as an advantage for those with families or busy itineraries. Often times this comes at the cost of snorkeling on a packed beach, but this isn't the case in Fajardo.

One approach to snorkeling here that I've often heard other snorkelers praise is looking for Seven Seas public beach on a map, looking on the map for other beach-front spots nearby, then simply head to Seven Seas and go from there. There are a few great spots to snorkel that are more secluded and most are within walking distance of Seven Seas.

In addition to the convenient location and variety of seclusion, the water conditions are also great. The water is usually crystal clear and is calm enough that it is well known to be a safe area to snorkel. Additionally, there is a variety of water depths you can explore, ranging from "walking-shallow" to about 30 feet.

The marine life in Fajardo is very abundant like most snorkeling destination in Puerto Rico. There are lots of different types of coral, including brain coral and star mountain coral, but there's also lots of fish and marine invertebrates to swim with as well.

As a bonus, the secenery is stunning, particularly when you are in the water and look back at the land, as you can see the El Yunque rainforest mountains in the background. Also nearby is the Las Cabezas de San Juan nature refuge which is beautiful on its own.

Overall, we highly recommend Fajardo as one of the best snorkeling destinations in Puerto Rico, particularly for those with families or a tight schedule. Additionally, for those who want to partake in many different activities around the beach, just play it by ear, but don't want to compromise on the quality of snorkeling, we definitely recommend considering Fajardo.

Fajardo Snorkeling Tours

For more information about snorkeling tours available for Fajardo, please check out our overview below. 


Fajardo - Traveler Snorkel Tours

Sailing catamaran and snorkel tour

Time: 9:30am-3:30pm

Location: Villa Marina, Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Two snorkeling locations in Fajardo (selection depends on current conditions). Can also explore the beach or simply relax.

Cost: $70/adult, $60/child (12 and under), free for kids 1-4. Cost includes all-you-can-eat buffet, drinks, snorkeling gear, and snorkeling instruction. Costs does NOT include taxes and DRNA fees.

Phone: 787-863-2821

Email: [email protected]



Fajardo Snorkeling Tours - Mini Boat Adventures

Captain your own 13' boat with a guide leading the way. One swimming stop (Cayo Icacos) and one snorkeling stop (Isla Palominitos). 

Check-In: 8:30am or 1pm, both tours last 3.5 hours.

Cost: $170 per single occupancy, $85/person with double occupancy, $72/person with triple occupancy, $65/person with quadruple occupancy. Cost includes snorkeling equipment, instruction, snacks, and refreshments.

Phone: 787-244-2828

Email: [email protected]



Fajardo Snorkel Tours - East Island Excursion

Well-established company - lots of different snorkeling trips you can choose from. 

Large, spacious catamarans for small or large groups. Generally include snorkeling, sailing, and beach lounging. Different times of day available (e.g. morning vs. sunset).

Costs: Depends on trip that you select. Please visit website for more info, or contact reservations by phone. Costs should include all food and drinks, as well as snorkeling equipment and instruction if desired.

Phone: 877-937-4386

Email: [email protected]


Culebra a.k.a. Isla Chiquita a.k.a. Little Island

Culebra offers a blend of the above Puerto Rico snorkeling spots that we reviewed. It's sort of remote, but not as remote as Mona Island, and a little easier to access. The island itself is small, only about 7 miles long and 3-4 miles wide, with a population of about 2000 people. It's located approximately 20 miles off the northeast coast of Puerto Rico.

One of the reasons this little island is so great is because it boasts a multitude of amazing snorkeling spots. There are white sandy beaches all around the island that offer great snorkeling, as well as other cove areas that offer a unique snorkeling environment.

Another advantage of snorkeling in Culebra is that Culebra has minimal to no streams and rivers that run off into the water, which prevents the water from clouding, ultimately providing excellent clarity even on days with a bit of overcast. This is actually relatively common in Puerto Rico compared with other snorkeling spots like Hawaii, and is an underrated factor when assessing snorkeling conditions.

Flamenco beach is arguably the most popular beach on Culebra, but a lot of snorkelers actually prefer Tamarindo Beach, as the marine life is extremely abundant. There's a good chance you will see tons of fish here, as well as turtles who enjoy eating the sea grass in the area. Stingrays often pass through as well. Other beaches in the area include Carlos Rosario Beach, Luis Pena Beac, and Punta Soldado Beach. Given the size of the island, you can explore multiple beaches in one day.

Overall, we recommend this snorkeling location for those who are looking for a bit of adventure and some time away from the crowds, but don't want to be completely isolated. The water conditions are excellent, the island is beautiful, and the marine life is interesting to say the least. Culaebra, or Little Island, is truly one of the best spots to snorkel in Puerto Rico.

Culebra Snorkeling Tours

For more information about snorkeling tours at Culebra, please check out our overview below. 


Culebra Snorkel Tours - Culebra Island Adventures

Offer two main tours: (1) SEAventure, and (2) Turles 'n More

SEAventure: Includes kayaking, snorkeling, and snacks. Snorkeling locations include Tamarindo Grande and Taramindo Beach.

SEAventure Cost: $85+tax/person to $229+tax/person depending on where you are coming form and what sort of transportation you require. Includes snorkeling equipment, snacks, and drinks.  

Turtles 'n More: Includes snorkeling, but not kayaking. Snorkeling spot is Taramindo Beach, where there are beds of sea grass frequented by many sea turtles. The coral reefs are also incredible here.

Turtles 'n More Cost: $35+tax/person and is mainly for guests who are already on Culebra. Includes snorkeling equipment and snacks.

* CLOSED Mondays and Tuesdays

Phone: 787-529-3536

Email: [email protected]



Culebra Snorkel Tours - Tobias

Departs from Fajardo, destination is Culebra.

Two primary snorkel tours: (1) Cayo Luis Pena Nature Reserve, and (2) Beaches of Culebra Island

Cayo Luis Pena Nature Reserve: Cyrstal clear waters, lots of awesoem coral home to sea turtles, and interesting info about the Nature Reserve itself. A little more weather-dependent.

Cayo Luis Pena Nature reserve Cost: Please inquire directly with company. 

Beaches of Culebra Island: You will visit two beaches from a list of the following: Flamenco Beach, Carlos Rosario Beach, Luis Pena Beach, Tamarindo Beach, Punta Soldado Beach.

Beaches of Culebra Island Cost: $85/person, $65/child (12 and under). Includes snorkeling gear, instruction, all-you-can-eat buffet, and refreshments.

Phone: 787-412-9555

Email: [email protected]



Culebra Snorkel Tours - Casa del Mar

A few different snorkel tours available, one of which goes to Culebrita Island

Culebra Snorkel Tour: 9am-4:30pm. Moores at Luis Pena Nature Reserve. Includes snorkeling equipment, lessons, lunch, snacks, refreshments, and unlimited beer after snorkeling!

Also have time to explore the beach and relax.

Cost: $95/person

Phone: 787-860-3483

Email: [email protected]