Snorkeling at Polo Beach

Polo Beach is located on the west coast of Maui just in front of the Kea Lani Resort (just north of Five Caves). This snorkeling destination is often preferred by families, large groups, or simply those who are looking to hang out and do lots of activities in addition to snorkeling.

The beach is large with lots of sand (i.e. not only lava rock), and there are lots of facilities and amenities available. For example, you can snag a picnic table or a grill for a BBQ, and of course, restrooms and showers are available.

In terms of the snorkeling itself, it's pretty inconsistent, mainly because the beach is more open and susceptible to murkier water sometimes.

That doesn't mean you can't find yourself there in perfect conditions, just a little less common than some of the other great snorkeling spots in Maui. In any case, there is amazing coral to explore, and of course, an abundance of colorful fish, especially towards the right side of the beach.

Other items to note include that the wind in the area usually picks up a littl ebit in the afternoon, which can make the water conditions a little worse for snorkeling. This isn't always the case, but if you want the best shot at great conditions we would recommend trying to get in the water in the morning. What may also help motivate you to arrive early is the limited parking. It's nice that there is parking available, which isn't always present at good snorkeling spots, but just keep in mind it may fill up later in the day.

How to Get to Polo Beach

Polo Beach is just in front of the Kea Lani Resort, just south of Kihei and Wailea. If you're heading south to Polo Beach, we suggest taking South Kihei Road, then a right on Alanui Drive, another right on Kaukahi Street, and then the parking area should turn up on your right. 

Snorkel Gear Rentals Near Polo Beach


Maui Snorkel Store - Sugar Beach Resort

Approximately 20 minute drive from Polo Beach 

Snorkel/Mask/Fins = $7/day or $20/week

$3.50 extra for brand new never-used mouth piece (as opposed to sanitized)

Those who are nearsighted can rent optical masks for no extra charge! 

Phone: 1-808-879-6260

Email: [email protected]



Snorkel Bob's - 2411 S Kihei Road

Various snorkel gear rental packages available

Snorkel/Mask/Fins = $9-$44/week or $2.50-$9/day. Exact price depends on quality of gear selected, prescription mask requirements (more expensive here), etc.

Snorkel/Mask/Fins = $22-$35/week or for kids (lowest quality package not available for children). Appears that discounts for kids are not present at a daily rate. 

You have the option to rent individual pieces of equipment as well (e.g. mask only), but this is typically offered at a daily rate.

Phone (Toll Free Order Line): 1-800-262-7725

Phone (Customer Service): 1-808-737-2421

Email: [email protected]


Summary - Pros and Cons of Polo Beach


  • Convenient - close to major roads, resorts, and towns.
  • Abundance of coral and other colorful marine life
  • Sandy beach is ideal for those who don't like lava rock
  • Multitude of activities to enjoy
  • Large area with facilities and amenities


  • Beach can become crowded during peak days/hours
  • Water conditions are inconsistent
  • Although the snorkeling is good, if that's all you're there for and don't mind putting in a little extra work, you can find better spots in Maui. 
Overall, Polo beach is a great spot in Maui to enjoy the day, find some great snorkeling, and enjoy a variety of activities. It's especially good for larger groups and families, as the beach is rather large and there are bonus items like picnic tables and grills available. Enjoy!