The Idea

We started Snorkeling Vacation Guide with a simple goal: share our passion about snorkeling, and propose the best guides for people wanting to do snorkeling all around the world.

The Beginning

We started the site back in 2013 with just a blog, by sharing our experience with some of the best places around the world for snorkeling. We then continued to publish vacation guides on the site, as well as in-depth reviews of the best snorkeling equipment, to really help you in the best way possible for your next snorkeling vacations.

Our Mission

From the very beginning, our mission was to propose the best guides for people wanting to include snorkeling in their vacations. In order to do that, we focus on producing the highest quality guides for all the best snorkeling locations around the world, as well as reviews of the best snorkeling equipment. 

Things have of course changed since we started, as we went from a single blog to a website that is now read by hundreds of people every day. The team also grew over the years, in order to provide you the best information about snorkeling, as well as the best service possible. I really invite you to just look around this site, I am sure you will enjoy the content that you will find! 

About Us

My name is John Peterson, and I am the chief editor of the Snorkeling Vacation Guide website. I am deeply passioned about snorkeling, and I love to share my passion with others via this website.

I am helped by Marija, my assistant, that takes care of improving the website, proofreading what I write, and also answering all your questions about snorkeling.

Finally, our team is also composed of Jenny, that produces great video reviews of snorkeling equipment for our Youtube channel.

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